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Clarity is essential to facilitate the understanding of the work and its economic value, and in this Smile Design software is a formidable ally because it provides benefits to professionals and the patient.
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The possibility to visualize the final result from the first appointment predisposes the patient to live the rehabilitation path of the smile with greater confidence and availability. At the same time, the professional will have the advantage of developing Smile Design projects from two simple full face photographs.
After inserting them in the software, you will be guided step by step with the support of 14 dental libraries already inserted in the program. In just 10 minutes, the patient will be able to see the new smile preview and approve the treatment plan. At this point, the dentist can send precise information to the dental technician, who in turn can finalize the work.
Smile Lynx improves the communication between dentist-patient and dentist-technician by optimizing the workflow at every stage, without losing time or resources.

Digital smile planning

The Smile Lynx software allows you to show patients the "before" and "after" in less than 10 minutes through a simple and straightforward process.
After taking two photographs - one intra-oral with retractors and one with a full-faced natural smile - it will be enough to import them into the software and proceed with the digital planning of the new smile.
Calibrate the photograph, draw the smile curve and choose the library from those available. After showing the patient the final result, you can save a PDF report to share with the lab. At this point the dental technician comes into play, who can finalize the work in an excellent mode by importing the complete model design into the CAD Lynx software and proceeding to the printing or milling of the 3D mock-up.

To help you become an expert in Smile Design, we offer courses and video tutorials online, but also with the support of technicians from the Lynx Academy. Don't fall behind, find out more at

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Is it possible to present a project to the patient on the first visit?

Of course, with only two photographs you can show the final result to the patient in just 10 minutes.

Is it complicated to take pictures for the use of the software?

Actually it's very simple, it only takes a few minutes thanks to the precious advice we give to our customers through an accurate photographic protocol.

How much time will I have to invest to acquire the necessary skills to use the software?

Our product training courses are run within a day. For all those who purchase will be reserved two moments of remote training giving support on real cases of the customer.

Is it just a marketing tool aimed at the emotional involvement of the patient or is there something else?

The 3D Lynx flow is completed with the use of CAD Lynx, through which it is possible to faithfully transfer two-dimensional data in 3D environment, ensuring predictability and analysis on all spatial planes.

So what does the full workflow foresee?

It foresees the drawing with Smile Lynx, the acceptance of the patient and the sending of the data to CAD Lynx which will convert everything into three-dimensional STL files, which can be printed or milled with the logic of creating a prototype to be verified in the patient's mouth.


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