iATON High Precision Intraoral Scanner

iATON is a sophisticated, high-precision scanning system for the dental practice: it reduces the discomfort for patients in the phase of taking impressions and speeds up operations. With the iATON Intraoral Scanner, impressions can be taken quickly and accurately, and models and impressions can be scanned.

Scanner iAton

15.000,00 €

iAton: A new impression in your studio

iATON is suitable for restorative and prosthetic dentistry (inlays, single and arched crowns, fixed prostheses on natural teeth and implants), orthodontics (functional orthodontic appliances, welded bites and arches), fixed orthodontics (customized treatment plan with possibility to choose the final position of the teeth, the height of brackets and arches) and implant surgery (surgical templates by superimposing information on the teeth and soft tissues with the anatomy of the bone).

Handy and easy to use thanks to a single action button, iATON makes the dentist's work more efficient, integrates perfectly into the digital workflow and transmits the image of a professional and innovative practice.

The advantages of a high-tech scanner

iATON is an excellent resource for the dentist and an extraordinary solution for the patient. Through the use of interchangeable tips and different angles, you get a very accurate scan of the oral cavity, in seconds and with minimal movement. The image is then reproduced on the monitor and the development of a 3D model allows you to have a complete view of the oral cavity.

Small and compact, the intraoral scanner prevents patients from complicated operations and eliminates the discomfort caused by the impression spoon. The result? Unparalleled comfort.

iATON does not require the use of scanning dusts, pastes or chewing waxes; thanks to the open scanning system, it interfaces with all the software on the market, creating STL, OBJ, PLY files. It is also equipped with interchangeable and autoclavable tips for total protection from infections


Why choose iATON?

  • Greater comfort for the patient
  • Fast
  • No need for scanning powder, impression spoons, chewing pastes and waxes
  • High precision, accuracy (scan distortion of only 30-50 Microns)
  • Manageable
  • Convenient to transport
  • Interchangeable and autoclavable tips for total protection against infection
  • High definition colour scanning
  • Open scanning system that interfaces with all commercially available software and creates STL, PTY, PLY files
  • No royalties to pay
  • Model and impression scanning
  • Foot pedal included for optional use
  • Easy and intuitive software
  • Blue light
  • Plug and play - direct connection to PC (configured with USB 3.0 port)
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What are the benefits for the patient?

·        Intraoral scanning allows the patient to undergo oral scanning without the invasiveness of the materials in the paste as in the past.

·       Saving in terms of sessions, especially on complex workflows.

·       More involvement of the patient, who will be able to see the details of his mouth in colour on a large monitor.

Quali sono i vantaggi per il clinico?

·        Reduced weight of the scanner, undoubtedly one of the lightest on the market.

·        Immediate evaluation of the imprint, being able to intervene even on a single small detail where there is an imperfection, without having to repeat the               work in full.

·        Immediate production of the product, by sending the file to the technician

·        Integrated flow with the major design software.


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