Dental modeling achieves unthinkable levels of perfection with 88CAD software, which exponentially simplifies the design of complete anatomies and reduced structures, copings, bridges, arches, inlays, onlays, veneers, custom implants, bars and more. Multiple automated functions save you a lot of time.

Dental design and modelling with CAD software

Manual production of the

The functional anatomical modelling of the prosthetic artifacts is a monopoly of an artisanal system that over time has been perfected to reach remarkable heights. Per ragioni di economia di scala, attualmente il sistema tradizionale vive una fase di transizione che lo vede integrarsi sempre di più con le soluzioni digitali allo scopo di ottimizzare qualità e timing operativo.
Through the modeling performed manually with the help of the articulator, it is possible to integrate the dental morphology with the articular movement of the patient and develop a provisional prototype to be implemented with modifications and improvements. The traditional modelling system provides the steps that the technician knows well, from waxing with spatulas to flame modelling, from the correct pivoting to the positioning of the casting / pressing channels, a routine that requires great attention and time.


  • Manual positioning of the pressing channels
  • No risk of overheating the wax  


  • Significantly longer operational timing
  • Increased use of materials and equipment
  • Multiple phases for modifications and improvements
  • Increased risk of defective casting and pressing
CAD/CAM software

CAD/CAM modelling makes the laboratory competitive in many respects. In addition to making high-precision prosthetic products, it speeds up delivery times and makes the work cycle more efficient. The precise and reproducible results simplify the complex phases leaving the technicians the possibility to concentrate on the aesthetic and functional aspects. CAD/CAM offers a wide range of possibilities for the use of high-quality biocompatible materials (feldspar ceramics, lithium disilicate, zirconia, cobalt chrome and precious alloys, titanium, peek, fiber-reinforced resins), although it is the competence of the technician that makes the real difference in the finalisation phase. In practice, CAD/CAM technology and analog work can be successfully integrated without detracting from the value of the dental technician's work. After the virtual modeling, the technician can decide whether to outsource the product with milling or 3D printing and then finalize it personally.


  • Total control of thickness and size of structures
  • Access to endless libraries for morphology and plant structures
  • Time saving
  • Warranty of accuracy
  • Possibility of using multiple biocompatible materials
  • The two methods can be intersected (use of mixed analog/digital techniques) 


  • The learning curve requires constant effort
  • In case of outsourcing, problem management with external services
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