Mission, vision and values

Our mission

Our commitment has always been in one direction: to develop differentiated and customized solutions to support professionals at every stage of the workflow and significantly improve the functioning of the dental laboratory and dental office, as well as the satisfaction of patients.

Through our experience we meet the needs of dental technicians, dentists and hygienists with technologies and services really useful and effective, developed according to a design philosophy based on the interests of those who use them. 

Our vision

Offering an innovative response to the still unmet needs of oral health professionals and being a source of clinical value for patients are the ideas that motivate and guide us.

Our vision is characterized by a constant attention to the real needs of our customers. Concretely, this attention translates into investments in research, development of products with a global breath, pre- and after-sales service, accurate training courses for learning the correct methods of using technologies, deep knowledge and respect for different professions.

Our values


We have always operated on the most advanced frontier of technology for the dental sector. This means identifying and solving the problems of the actors in the health system, anticipating their needs and maintaining close contact with their needs in order to jointly meet the health needs of patients.

Commitment to innovation

We are a company based on research, open to welcome and develop new ideas, that's why we put innovation at the base of every program of development of our solutions.


We pursue our objectives by acting with respect for society and future generations. Since 2012 we have been certified as an ethically responsible company in the gold industry, we have joined the Responsible Jewellery Council, a non-profit organization that commits its members to a very detailed code of ethics that protects human rights, workers and the environment.

Value for health

The growth in health needs is accompanied by a very strong demand to contain health costs. Within this scenario, we are committed to creating value throughout the entire process of maintaining and restoring oral health: from beauty care to the design and implementation of prosthetic solutions.

At your side to make constant progress