Dental milling machines

Among the factors of competitiveness of a laboratory, an open attitude towards innovation and the readiness to acquire new tools and new skills are certainly the best shortcut to optimize productivity, both in terms of speed of execution and quality of components. The digital workflow reduces processing times and leaves dental technicians free to concentrate on the most creative aspects of the fabrication of prosthetic restorations.


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Within the CAD/CAM system, 4-axis or 5-axis dental milling machines offer the dental laboratory the possibility to produce autonomously, quickly and with repeatable results devices in: zirconia, chromium-cobalt, PMMA, wax, polyurethane or glass fibre reinforced resin, nanocomposite.
The included CAM software, simple and intuitive, allows a quick sending of the STL file to the milling machine and, thanks to the dynamic features of the software with Direct-Mill function, the use of 88Mill milling machines is recommended even to those who have no experience. After the creation of the new blanks, which are automatically stored, the machining process begins autonomously. The connector arrangement, drops and stabilizer bars are fully and freely operable.
The 88Mill dental milling machines have a compact design and small dimensions that guarantee extreme precision and guarantee production even in small quantities. Each milling machine is equipped with danger zone protection during the machining process thanks to an automatic locking device in the front cover.

In addition, each mechanical component is protected from dust and splinters thanks to the concept of air locking in the integrated work area, which helps to reduce machine usury and reduce maintenance costs.

In addition to dry dental milling machines, the range includes some machines equipped with wet milling option for disilicate, glass-ceramic and titanium.

The new version of the K5+ comes with even more powerful technology thanks to the revolutionary DirectDiscTechnology for disc protection, the tool-free white locking system and the integrated ionizer.

Feature it shares with 88 R5, one of the fastest machines on the market, suitable for every application.

And for the more forward-thinking professional, the high precision technology of 88 Z4 enables flawless restorations to be carried out in just one day.