Pocket Laser Advance kit

Unique in its kind, Pocket Laser is the demonstration of how the most advanced technology can accommodate in small dimensions without losing any of its qualities, both in terms of precision and performance.


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Pocket Laser Dental Diode Laser 88Dent Advance kit

Small and lightweight, this diode laser with a wavelength of 915 nm is ideal for the experienced dentist and hygienist, but also for professionals approaching laser technology for the first time.
It is a new generation product, incredibly versatile and complete, which can be used for any treatment in: periodontics, surgery, implantology, endodontics, biostimulation, Low Level Laser Therapy, whitening and treatment of dentin hypersensitivity.
The wavelength with high penetrating power promotes the stimulation of ATP production and activates tissue regenerative processes.
Thanks to the different sources - continuous and super-pulsed - it is very effective in analgesic treatments and resolving inflammatory processes.
Its universal connection allows the use of a very large number of accessories.

Only one instrument, 70 clinical programs

Unbeatable performance and small dimensions make Poket Laser the most advantageous choice for the dental practice. The 6 watts of power make it one of the most powerful small lasers.
Lightweight (only 0.8 kg) and easy to transport, it is equipped with numerous accessories for every clinical application. The wireless pedal with long battery life allows "hands free" use, increasing freedom of movement.
The contact handpiece is equipped with universal luer lock connection; the new silver handpiece allows the use of tips with integrated interchangeable optical fibers; the new sapphire handpiece, unique of its kind, combines the features of the cold blade surgical scalpel with the advantages of the laser.
High precision touch screen and maximum hygienic control.
Pocket Laser is equipped with 70 pre-set clinical programs that can be further implemented or customized at the dentist's and hygienist's discretion.

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