Dental laser

Diode laser is an incredibly valid resource on the front of dental treatments, including those of a certain complexity such as implant surgery, but also in endodontics, biostimulation, Low Level Laser Therapy and High Power Laser Therapy. The researches have in fact demonstrated the antibacterial action of the diode laser, useful not only in the surgical field but also in periodontal, peri-implant and endodontic fields.

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A tool for every challenge, Pocket Laser is one of the most advanced diode lasers. Pocket Laser has a wavelength of 915 nm, the one with the highest penetrating power together with 810 nm, which promotes the stimulation of the production of ATP and activates regenerative processes of the tissues concerned favouring their healing.

Thanks to the different sources, continuous pulsed and super-pulsed, is very effective in analgesic treatments and resolution of inflammatory processes.

Almost all oral surgery can be performed with the diode laser. Reducing the use of the scalpel, avoiding suture points, speeding up the healing of soft tissues, reducing the use of local anesthesia and vasoconstrictors are just some of the advantages. The diode laser is very useful in prostheses for the desensitization of the prosthetic abutments of vital dental elements and in the delicate preparation of the Pre-impression groove. In endodontics it improves the antibacterial action together with the canal irrigants; in conservative dentistry it allows the decontamination of the dentin and enamel surfaces. Also from the point of view of aesthetic dentistry, Pocket Laser is positioned as an excellent working tool for rapid and effective whitening operations.

In addition to the performance that only a latest-generation diode laser can guarantee, Pocket Laser stands out clearly from any other product on the market for its size: with its 6 watts of power and only 0.8 kg of weight, it represents one of the most powerful machines among the small lasers.

It has a universal connection and many accessories that make it suitable for every clinical application, both for beginners and for experienced users. It also features 70 preset clinical programs, which can be further implemented, and gives the experienced user the freedom to autonomously customize existing clinical programs.