Pocket Laser

Unique in its genre, Pocket Laser is the demonstration of how the most advanced technology can accommodate in small dimensions without losing any of its qualities, both in terms of precision and performance.
Small and light, this diode laser with a wavelength of 915 nm is ideal for the experienced dentist and hygienist, but also for professionals who approach laser technology for the first time.
It is a latest-generation instrument, incredibly versatile and complete, usable for any treatment in: periodontology, surgery, implantology, endodontics, biostimulation, Low Level Laser Therapy, bleaching and treatment of dentin hypersensitivity..
The highly penetrating wavelength favours the stimulation of ATP production and activates the regenerative processes of the tissues.
Thanks to the different sources - continuous and super-pulsed pulsed - it is very effective in analgesic treatments and decisive in inflammatory processes.


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One tool, 70 clinical programs

Unbeatable performance and small size make Poket Laser the most advantageous choice for the dental practice. The 6 watts of power make it one of the most powerful small lasers..
Lightweight (only 0.8 kg) and easy to carry, it is equipped with numerous accessories for every clinical application. The wireless pedal with long battery life allows ”hands free” use, increasing freedom of movement.
The contact handpiece is equipped with a universal luer lock connection; the new silver handpiece allows the use of interchangeable tips with integrated optical fibres; The new sapphire handpiece, unique in its kind, combines the characteristics of the cold blade scalpel with the advantages of the laser.
High precision touch screen and maximum hygienic control.
Pocket Laser is equipped with 70 preset clinical programs that can be further implemented, or customized at the discretion of the dentist and hygienist.

Electric scalpel

In order to better manage the numerous clinical needs with fewer medical instruments in the studio, the electric scalpel can no longer be considered a sufficient solution.
The electric scalpel is an electronic oscillator that generates high-frequency signals. The thermal effect of the current on the tissues triggers different transformations on the cells depending on the temperature reached. If the temperature is below 100° C, the water contained in the cells evaporates and haemostasis is obtained; if it is above 100° C, the tissue is cut. Therefore, the electrosurgical unit offers a very limited number of therapeutic solutions or, in any case, a much smaller number than those offered by the laser, which is much more innovative and versatile.


  • Economic
  • Fast
  • Kit with different autoclavable tips
  • Excellent hemostasis



  • Not very precise cut
  • Risk of carbonisation of fabrics  
  • Used too close to the bone can cause osteonecrosis  
  • Does not allow tissue biostimulation or bacterial decontamination
  • Cannot be used near metal structures and on pacemaker wearers
  • It should be used with caution on diabetic patients or patients undergoing radiotherapy
  • Limited field of application
  • Requires the use of anesthesia  
The use of lasers

The laser is a high-tech instrument that offers important advantages in terms of clinical effectiveness and successfully replaces traditional scalpels, electric scalpels and drills. Unlike the scalpel, the laser cuts tissues without bleeding and stimulates hemoglobin coagulation, avoiding the cauterizing effect typical of electrosurgical scalpels. The damaging effect on the tissues is minimal, the wound does not require stitches, it heals faster and without pain. It is very useful in microsurgery in the preparation phase of the site, in order to obtain a deeper and more accurate intraoral scan of the stumps. In practice, when used to eliminate any excrescences, the stump is clearly legible.


  • More precise and less invasive interventions
  • Reducing bleeding and swelling
  • Faster healing without scarring
  • Does not require anesthesia
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Decontamination of plant insertion sites
  • Can be used in the presence of metal structures
  • It can be used on everyone, even on those carrying pacemakers
  • Numerous areas of use (surgery, endodoncy, periodontology, antalgic therapy)


  • Initially high investment
  • A training period is necessary
Pocket Laser Advance kit

Unique in its kind, Pocket Laser is the demonstration of how the most advanced technology can accommodate in small dimensions without losing..

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