The selection of high quality materials and powders, pastes, the most suitable paint colours, the choice of the oven suitable for the thermal behaviour and the respective characteristics are fundamental steps for a laboratory that aims to offer an excellent service in the finishing and finalisation phase of the prosthetic artefacts. Thanks to the digitized workflow, the esthetic result can be optimized directly at the chair with the patient in the office in order to reproduce all the details necessary to obtain a perfect integration of the restoration with the adjacent teeth. Finally, the firing phase is carried out by means of special furnaces for sintering the Zirconia elements or in the multifunction furnace for the layered and pressed ceramic

Metal-ceramic technology

The starting point for achieving excellent results regardless of the technique used is the ability to listen to patients to understand what they really expect from the restoration. The experience, the knowledge of materials, the art of imitating the natural tooth with all its characteristics of color, shape and translucency, make the dental technician an indispensable partner in this process.
The choice of materials is a fundamental step towards creating teeth that look as natural as possible, a factor that is influenced by numerous parameters: the type of implant or restoration, the state of health of the tooth, its position, and the functional conditions of the patient. The metal-ceramic technique is still widely used and is the most valid technique for aesthetic restorations of great beauty, as well as the most suitable solution in the case of complex restorations such as extended bridges.


  • Offers the most aesthetically pleasing results
  • It has been in use for over forty years
  • We have an excellent knowledge of your clinical and technical behavior  


  • More work is needed during preparation
  • More space required for layering
  • Preparation of the most aggressive site

One of the most stimulating challenges for the dental technician is to keep up to date with new materials, increasingly performing and versatile, such as the latest generation of ceramic materials. Zirconia is biocompatible and presents itself in the natural color of the teeth so much that with the restorations in zirconium oxide you avoid the dark shade of the titanium implant that transpires from the soft tissue and the result is superior esthetic prostheses. Zirconium oxide is three times more resistant to flexion and rupture than titanium. In terms of aesthetics and function, a zirconia restoration has no limits compared to a metal-ceramic restoration. The metal-free approach allows more conservative preparations to be made with regard to the residual tooth structure and periodontal tissues. Another advantage is that in the posterior areas you can choose a monolithic technique without layering ceramics.


  • Does not need to be stratified, just paint it on the surface
  • High aesthetics and camouflage
  • Metal free, excellent biocompatibility
  • Easier to preserve periodontal tissue integrity


  • Fewer number of studies and cases treated
  • Limited in the execution of some borderline cases
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