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Patients' expectations of dental care are increasing, and the dental industry is facing an evolving regulatory environment. Stalling for time is useless and counterproductive: resistance to change has a very high cost, a cost that falls entirely on the professional.
If you are wondering where to start again so as not to continue to lose ground, you are in the right place.

Marcello Salvetti

“I have learned at my own expense that the energies used to resist change are completely wasted. Digitizing the workflow evolves my professionalism... I wish I had understood it before.”

Marcello Salvetti

Dental technician

Increase the value of your services

In choosing a dental technician's laboratory, the predisposition for innovation weighs heavily.
Are you at the beginning of your profession and are you considering which technologies could make you an appreciated partner for dental studios?  Are you an affirmed professional and do you want to equip your laboratory with innovative and technologically advanced systems to increase the quality and quantity of the services you offer?
In both cases, the value of the service offered is measured in terms of quality and precision of work, speed of execution and price, factors closely related to the predisposition to innovation.

Dental Zirconia
The valid, innovative, competitive alternative

Dental Zirconia for CAD/CAM milling has been one of the most interesting innovations in recent years. The biological and mechanical properties of this non-metallic biocompatible material are such as to make it a valid alternative both clinically and aesthetically, especially in terms of translucency. In addition to being more stable than titanium, it has excellent elasticity, is less prone to breakage than aluminium oxide and its structure prevents the propagation of micro-fractures.
Zirconia is a material with strong osteoconductivity that produces a lower tissue inflammatory reaction than that of titanium. At the healing site of a titanium implant, inflammatory factors and inflammatory infiltrate are better represented than at a Zirconia implant, without affecting proper osseointegration. 

Dental Zirconia
Another positive finding relates to bacterial plaque, of which dental zirconium oxide is considered non-retentive material, resulting in less bacterial colonization and lower concentrations of bacterial metabolism products at the healing site.
New 88Erre5 milling machine
For precision machining in the shortest possible time

In view of the development of increasingly modern milling systems,, the new 88Erre5 milling machine is one of the most effective solutions, able to offer the dental technician laboratory the possibility of producing autonomously and quickly devices in Zirconia, composites, glass-ceramics, non-precious alloys (Cr-Co), wax/plastics (PMMA), universal. The new 5-axis milling machine with automatic disc change is suitable for dry and wet milling. In addition, it includes blockholders for raw materials with a Sirona® compatible connection.
The 88Erre5 milling machine allows to improve your operations to become real partners of dental studios, partners really able to make a difference in the field of dental restoration.

New 88Erre5 milling machine

Innovation improves operativity

Transforming the design and modeling phases into automated functions allows an optimized result and a significant saving of time. Within the CAD/CAM system, the leading role is played by the 4- or 5-axis dental milling machines, which offer the possibility for the dental laboratory to produce autonomously, quickly and with repeatable results devices in: Zirconia, Chrome-Cobalt, PMMA, wax, polyurethane resin or glass fibre reinforced, nanocomposite.
The compact design and small size guarantee extreme precision and guarantee of production even on small quantities. 

VARIOstar D50 Micromotor

The VARIOstar D50 micromotor from Zubler is an excellent investment for the laboratory that wants a solution for all types of processing.

Cad Lynx Evolution

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88 Zeta4 Dental milling machine

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VARIOstar K50 Micromotor

The VARIOstar K50 micromotor from Zubler is an excellent investment for the laboratory that wants a solution for all types of processing.

Enne 4+

The Enne4+ is a wet machining machine for milling glass-ceramic, composite and zirconium blocks as well as titanium abutments. This machine ..

Esse 5 Milling machine

The Esse 5 is a five-axis dental milling machine with simultaneous movement and automatic 16-position tool change and 8-position automatic d..


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Dental Studio

Dental Studio

Today, the dental studio can count on such and so many technologies that neglecting them would be an unforgivable own goal. From intraoral scanners to CAD/CAM technology, the workflow can be partially or fully digitized with great ease. Today, the dental studio can count on such and such many technologies that neglecting them would be an unforgivable own goal. From intraoral scanners to CAD/CAM technology, the workflow can be partially or fully digitized with great ease. This evolution allows patients to perceive themselves as a state-of-the-art medical facility and to increase their competitiveness and productivity, thus triggering a virtuous circle of growth for the studio and its employees.

Dental hygienist

Dental hygienist

To increase the number of studies with which you collaborate and acquire more patients, you must optimize the time of occupation of the chair.
To speed up your work without sacrificing the effectiveness of your surgery, we offer you a solution that combines high performance with practical transport: Pocket Laser, the latest generation portable diode laser that allows you to significantly reduce the duration of the whitening session.



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