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Today, the dental studio can count on such and so many technologies that neglecting them would be an unforgivable own goal. From intraoral scanners to CAD/CAM technology, the workflow can be partially or fully digitized with great ease. Today, the dental studio can count on such and such many technologies that neglecting them would be an unforgivable own goal. From intraoral scanners to CAD/CAM technology, the workflow can be partially or fully digitized with great ease. This evolution allows patients to perceive themselves as a state-of-the-art medical facility and to increase their competitiveness and productivity, thus triggering a virtuous circle of growth for the studio and its employees.

A successful study is a study that works on achieving standards of efficiency that allow better occupancy of the chair. This is only possible by flanking medical expertise with the latest generation of digital technologies, which reduce intervention times, ensure maximum precision with minimum effort and allow you to manage internally much of the process.

Acquisition of digital impressions

Because the intraoral scanner is a technology to invest in.

Acquisition of digital impressions

Clearly superior to the traditional method, the intraoral scanner is a technology that combines a long list of advantages with minimal learning times and puts both dentist and patient in agreement.

The intraoral scanner is light, handy, allows an incredibly fast, detailed and precise shooting, no retouching is necessary, the risk of error is zeroed. Definitely another level compared to taking traditional impressions, also because the patient does not feel any discomfort and this speeds up the entire procedure.

This technology acquires even greater value in cases of implant surgery because the digital method allows to offer patients the treatment of guided surgery, which is faster and less expensive, and thus makes implant solutions more accessible.

Dentists who have already adopted digital technologies would never go back, also because they have noted the strong interest of patients in these fast and non-invasive solutions, an interest that triggers a strong word of mouth. da un lato consente di risparmiare tempo e costi, dall’altro rafforza l’immagine della clinica e la sua reputazione.

CAD/CAM technology

Because the transition to digital makes the difference

Imagine the number of sessions needed to make a crown using traditional methods: three, sometimes four appointments. From taking impressions to passing through the laboratory, to making the prosthesis, the time can be long, or in any case perceived as long by the patient who would prefer to solve the problem in a single session.

It's not hard! Using CAD/CAM technology it is possible to send the patient home with the final prosthesis in the mouth without having him come back a second time.

The entire workflow speeds up: from digital impression acquisition to the modeling and design of complete anatomies or reduced structures, CAD/CAM technology gives the studio an edge in skills and efficiency.

Not only that, those who fear that fewer sessions could result in less revenue can rest assured. The work to be done on a patient is simply concentrated in less time, the cost of the procedure can remain unchanged. As a result, chair occupation time is optimised and medical staff can devote more time to more patients.


One patient in two lives anxiously at the dentist's appointment


of patients would prefer to perform treatments in a single session

Digital dentistry: what are the advantages?

The fear of the dentist pushes many to avoid treatment. There are many reasons for this: first of all, the fear of pain and invasive treatments, and secondly, the lack of knowledge of new technologies in the dental studio. Often patients do not know that the digital acquisition of impressions is painless and does not cause nausea, that there is no longer the risk of having to repeat it because the intraoral scanner ensures maximum accuracy.

They don't know that the time for modelling and designing prostheses has more than halved. They don't know that for some treatments you can opt for the use of the laser, safe and totally painless. Finally, they do not know that the sum of all these innovations translates into a saving of time and inconvenience. Digitizing the workflow and sharing the benefits of digital dentistry with your patients increases trust and brings them closer to new treatment opportunities. It also improves communication between the studio and the dental laboratory, avoiding costly rework or remakes of prostheses.

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Dental Technician Laboratory

Dental Technician Laboratory

Patients' expectations of dental care are increasing, and the dental industry is facing an evolving regulatory environment. Stalling for time is useless and counterproductive: resistance to change has a very high cost, a cost that falls entirely on the professional.
If you are wondering where to start again so as not to continue to lose ground, you are in the right place.

Dental hygienist

Dental hygienist

To increase the number of studies with which you collaborate and acquire more patients, you must optimize the time of occupation of the chair.
To speed up your work without sacrificing the effectiveness of your surgery, we offer you a solution that combines high performance with practical transport: Pocket Laser, the latest generation portable diode laser that allows you to significantly reduce the duration of the whitening session.



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