Dental hygienist

To increase the number of studies with which you collaborate and acquire more patients, you must optimize the time of occupation of the chair.
To speed up your work without sacrificing the effectiveness of your surgery, we offer you a solution that combines high performance with practical transport: Pocket Laser, the latest generation portable diode laser that allows you to significantly reduce the duration of the whitening session.

Rossella Massara
“Spreading the culture of prevention and aesthetic care of the smile through safe and non-invasive techniques is the best way to enhance my profession. The results I've obtained so far prove me right.”

Rossella Massara

Dental hygienist

The role of the hygienist as promoter of the culture of prevention and aesthetics of the smile is fundamental, to fully exploit its best ally is technology. After learning about the comfortable and painless experience of whitening with the diode laser, patients will not want to do without it.
Whitening with Pocket Laser

A single 15/20 minute session is sufficient to achieve the desired whitening results.

This is great news for the hygienist, the patient and the dental studio, which includes among its most sought-after services those of dental aesthetics.

Effectively meeting the demand for results in the shortest possible time means being able to count on suitable instruments such as Pocket Laser, a latest-generation diode laser that is extremely performing and that stands out for its power and small size.

Easy to carry, Pocket Laser is more effective and faster than other methods in dental whitening, also allows you to easily and effectively treat dentin hypersensitivity. It is equipped with high precision touch screen and no-contact defocused handpiece with integrated optical fiber for biostimulation, LLT and whitening with sterilizable terminal.

The delicate and precise action of Pocket Laser allows for a totally painless whitening treatment. In addition, it is equipped with a large number of accessories, implementations and pre-set clinical programs, which makes it suitable for those who still have few experience with this type of instruments.

Communicate the new technology to the patient

Reasons for choosing a laser

Whitening is a very popular cosmetic intervention because it can improve the appearance of teeth at a lower cost and with less annoyance than other techniques. However, it is important to be able to communicate the advantages of the laser to the patient

N.G. patient contacts the dental hygienist for information on whitening. The patient is a 38-year-old smoker who whitens her teeth every 3 or 4 years, so when she comes to the examination her teeth are very dark.

The hygienist is able to explain clearly the advantages of the NIR diode laser, informing her that it has been used successfully and safely for many years in various branches of medicine. The patient thus decides to switch from traditional treatment, which usually required at least two sessions to achieve the desired results, to laser whitening. After a 20-minute session, the treatment is finished, the smile is significantly improved in terms of vivacity and shine and the patient is satisfied not to have to come back a second time. Finally, the hygienist informs the patient that whitening retains its effects if associated with correct home hygiene and regular professional hygiene. All in less than half an hour.

Advantages for the dental hygienist

Valorising one's role in the dental practice is an objective that the dental hygienist can more easily pursue with the support of a technology that enhances the work. At the same time, technology is a very valid means of increasing the number of customers, loyalizing them with the speed and quality of a service that they will appreciate from the first session.
In addition to the advantage of being compact, portable and easily transportable from one office to another, Pocket Laser allows you to speed up the whitening reducing the time of occupation of the chair, with clear advantages for the management of your business.

Seat occupancy time reduced by 50% with respect to traditional methods
Exponential increase in the number of clients treated over the course of a day

Dental Studio

Dental Studio

Today, the dental studio can count on such and so many technologies that neglecting them would be an unforgivable own goal. From intraoral scanners to CAD/CAM technology, the workflow can be partially or fully digitized with great ease. Today, the dental studio can count on such and such many technologies that neglecting them would be an unforgivable own goal. From intraoral scanners to CAD/CAM technology, the workflow can be partially or fully digitized with great ease. This evolution allows patients to perceive themselves as a state-of-the-art medical facility and to increase their competitiveness and productivity, thus triggering a virtuous circle of growth for the studio and its employees.

Dental Technician Laboratory

Dental Technician Laboratory

Patients' expectations of dental care are increasing, and the dental industry is facing an evolving regulatory environment. Stalling for time is useless and counterproductive: resistance to change has a very high cost, a cost that falls entirely on the professional.
If you are wondering where to start again so as not to continue to lose ground, you are in the right place.



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