Choose the Smile Lynx software.
Draw the future smile of your patients.

Already on the first date, you will be able to show the final result.

Smile Lynx is the innovative software that allows you to show every patient the smile she/he have always dreamed of, and that will get at the end of the treatment, in just five minutes.

This digital smile planning software will allow you to establish a relationship based on tangible results from the first meeting, increasing the trust of your patients and improving communication.

Not only that: with Smile Lynx, the patient will easily and immediately understand the treatment plan that awaits her/him, based on precise and accurate images that will positively affect the work of the dental technician.

Why not choose the technology that improves your work?

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But how does it work?

In three simple steps, here is how you'll bring to life the perfect smile for each patient.

  • Take two photographs of the patient in a simple protocol

  • Upload photography to Smile Lynx software

  • Design in a few seconds with the easy step-by-step process

Whether you're a dental technician or a dentist, Smile Lynx offers only benefits.

Three reasons to choose Smile Lynx

  • It's easy to use with intuitive commands and a guided workflow

  • Grants you a permanent license for both Windows and Mac

  • Provides constant updates that improve and keep the software in line with the latest releases

The benefits of choosing Smile Lynx

  • Faster and more accurate projects

  • Better communication with the patient

  • Increased confidence

  • Advanced technology

  • Maximum intuitiveness

  • A year of free support

NewTom and 3DLynx: that's who we are

NewTom is the forerunner of CBCT 3D dental radiology technology and designs advanced diagnostic high-quality radiology systems for specialist radiologists and dentists.

3DLynx is the brand of digital specialists that designed Smile Lynx. The company works with the support of a team of IT developers and dental technicians to create top-of-the-range solutions for the professional.